Hi there,

As part of PyOpenCL, I am trying to supply one interface to clCreateImage{,2D,3D}. It turns out to be harder than I thought to figure out which one to call.

My first idea was that as long as the header you compiled against (and thereby the ICD loader) offered the 1.2 function clCreateImage, then you would call that, and the translation to the older functions would be done for you behind the scenes. Unfortunately, none of the ICD loaders I've tried behaves this way.

In fact, for implementations that don't supply the 1.2 function, calling clCreateImage leads to a crash.

The spec doesn't say anything about this topic. It would be good if it did. It would be even better if it specified that the loader has to do some translation.

The current situation is highly unpleasant--it means I have to go and parse version numbers just to figure out what functions are safe to call for each and every platform.

I'd much appreciate any comment on this.