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Thread: I want to know the type of this effect.

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    I want to know the type of this effect.

    you can see the effect in
    maybe that seems to only 2D graphic effect,
    but i want to implement 3D effect similar to the site navigation.

    1.Could you let me know the type of effect?
    2.Could you recommend what do i need to know to implement it?

    My experience level is that i have been implement cube and texturing, translate.

    please help me.

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    Re: I want to know the type of this effect.

    There is a sample app named CoverFlow in the PowerVR SDK for OpenGL ES 2.0 that does this effect exactly. The C++ source code is provided in the directory named "../Demos/CoverFlow/OGLES"

    Download the "PC Emulation" version of this SDK at:

    Good Luck, Clay

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