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Thread: Using binary

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    Using binary


    At first it seems that i caught the binary and put in a file, and after load in a buffer.

    When i loaded and made the program object with the binary with clCreateProgramWithBinary no error occurs, but in clCreateKernel(program,"sivia",&erro_create_kernel );


    Very Thanks for help

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    Re: Using binary

    No one knows?

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    Re: Using binary

    You do have a clBuildProgram after your clCreateProgramWithBinary, right? You still need to call that before clCreateKernel even when you're starting with a binary....

    edit: never mind, it seems from your other thread that you are calling it.

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    Re: Using binary

    But, my code is as, first i call clCreateWithBinary, after clBuildProgram and after ClCreateKernel.

    Is that?


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