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Thread: I beg u plzzz ,I really need help with this open cl code

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    I beg u plzzz ,I really need help with this open cl code

    I recently wrote this kernel in open cl,which is working well and returning correct results.

    Code :
    spmv_csr_scalar_kernel(const int num_rows,
                           const int * ptr,
                           const int * indices,
                           const float * data,
                           const float * x,
                           float * y )
        int row = get_global_id(0);
        if(row < num_rows)
            float dot = 0;
            int row_start = ptr[row];
            int row_end = ptr[row+1];
            for (int jj = row_start; jj < row_end; jj++)
                dot += data[jj] * x[indices[jj]];
            y[row] += dot;

    It is multiplication of a sparse matrix in compressed row storage with a column vector.It returns correct result.Uses one work item for each for loop (from row_start to row_end).

    I want to convert the above code to using two work items per single for loop.But I am getting incorrect is what I could come write.

    Code :
    __kernel void mykernel(__global int* colvector,
                           __global int* val,
                           __global int* result,
                           __global int* index,
                           __global int* rowptr,
                           __global int* sync )
        __global int vals[8]={0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
        for(int i=0;i<4;i++)
        int thread_id=get_global_id(0);
        int warp_id=thread_id/2;
        int lane=(thread_id)&1;
        int row=warp_id;
            int row_start = rowptr[row];
            int row_end = rowptr[row+1];
            for (int i = row_start+lane; i<row_end; i+=2)
                result[row] += vals[thread_id];

    Can anybody help me plzzzzz?My deadline is tomorrow and its returning incorrect results.

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    Re: I beg u plzzz ,I really need help with this open cl code

    Is this homework or for marked study?

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