I'm just starting out with open CL, so there's a number of issues / questions that i have.

My first question revolves around a list of 2-D points, for example in the following c++ class:
Code :
class Point2d
  double x, y;
  Point2d(double ax=0, double ay=0);  

So let's say i have an array of Point2D. How do i pass this information to the GPU? Can i pass my Point2d array directly (which i'm assuming not), or do i have to manipulate my array another way? If so, how?

I know you have to set up the platform, context, queues etc (not that i'm an expert on that, either).

Say for example i wanted to take an array of Point2d, and have the GPU translate or rotate each of the points, in what form do i pass the information? (i know that getting the gpu to do this sort of task is overkill, but it's to help me get my head round it).