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Thread: Shared context for background thread loading

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    Shared context for background thread loading


    I've been trying to get shared context to loading opengl resources in a background thread however I'm can't seems to get it to work.

    Here is what I am doing:

    mEglContextMain = eglCreateContext( mEglDisplay, mEglConfig, EGL_NO_CONTEXT, contextAttribs);

    mEglContextThread = eglCreateContext( mEglDisplay, mEglConfig, mEglContextMain, contextAttribs);

    mEglWindow = eglCreateWindowSurface( mEglDisplay, mEglConfig, nwt, attrib_list );

    mAuxSurface = eglCreatePbufferSurface( mEglDisplay, auxConfig, pbufferAttribs);

    on the main thread, I call:
    eglMakeCurrent( mEglDisplay, mEglWindow, mEglWindow, mEglContextMain );

    on the background loading thread (using std::thread), I call:
    eglMakeCurrent( mEglDisplay, mAuxSurface, mAuxSurface, mEglContextThread);

    The error I'm getting is when I call the make current call on the background thread, the main thread opengl es functions will start to give me an error of INVALID_OPERATION.

    I've managed to get this shared context working on iPhone (xcode) and regular Opengl, but I can't seems to get it to work with the PowerVR Imagination SDK.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: Shared context for background thread loading

    AFIK, you cant make current two contexts at a time. Before make current of other context you need to makecurrent(NULL) previous one.

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