Hi guys,
I'm an FPGA developer. Would like to know more about this OpenCL thingy. Altera's rolling out their own SDK to support OpenCL on Altera's FPGA. However, they're very secretive about this program ?!?!

I don't know anything about OpenCL technology. I Know that it defines certain APIs to communicate between the host and devices.

So, let's say i have an FPGA board connected to host via PCIe. I have an application and would like to have it run on this heterogeneous system using OpenCL.

- what are the missing parts that OpenCL doesn't define and they're left to system vendor? I suppose Altera is doing these things? PCIe drivers, libraries ...
- I suppose these should all be the same for all FPGAs. Is there any open-source project for this purpose: infrastructure for both FPGA sides and host sides?

Thanks for your comments/opinions,