Hi again,

I'm still sitting on my abstraction layer and got the next problem with the kernelsources. My problem:
Code :
#include "inc.h"
__kernel foo(int arg)
  bar(arg); //contained in inc.h
I nearly found a solution for all the sourcecodes (hiding them in a Database, containing binaries in the future maybe) but this will not help in case of kernel files with includes.

Does anyone know a way how to solve the inclusion problem when you don't want to have a file on your disk?
I haven't seen a method like "clAddIncludeFromSource()". So the only way is to forbid includes with all of their problem (code dublication, etc) or scan for includes in the source an manually add all of the included source into the file. But in that solution, you would have all methods from a header in your kernel, not only the ones you are using.

Thanks in advance,