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Thread: Spot and cutoff in webgl

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    Spot and cutoff in webgl

    Hi at all, I'm new on this forum, I'm writing because at this time I'm starting to develop small webgl code, my problem is that I must set cutoff angle and exponent, I try this but I'm not able to do this...

    this is my code ->

    Anyone can help me? there is any tutorial where I read webgl illumination with spot, cutoff etc?
    I'm reading webgl beginners guide, but there isn't any section of spot light and cutoff.

    I hope this isn't wrong session, otherwise please admins apologize
    Thanks to all

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    Re: Spot and cutoff in webgl

    No one?

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    No one is answering because you are asking for WebGL help in a WebCL forum. Please see our notice about WebGL support moving.

    Thank you and our apologies for not noticing this sooner!

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