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Thread: doubt on OpenCL's C++ feature

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    doubt on OpenCL's C++ feature

    Hi all,
    As we know, OpenCL 1.2 begin to support some C++ feature, it was public in 2011, but only AMD support the 1.2version now, Nvidia even dislodge OpenCL example from its latest SDK. I
    tried to use OpenCL in a simulation program with C++ on a Nvidia card, but it turn to be a futile effort...I don't konw how to contine now, begging for your help.

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    Re: doubt on OpenCL's C++ feature

    Can you give some references? The OpenCL specification makes no mention of C++ kernel support. AMD does have some support for C++ in kernel code, but this is only for their OpenCL implementation and not supported by all vendors.

    Or are you just looking for a C++ host API/framework for OpenCL?

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