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Thread: CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE less than spec

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    CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE less than spec


    Sorry if this subject are in another post, but i don't find.

    I work with a GTX670M that have 3GB of memory, why CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE return ~1,6 GB?

    Can't i work with rest of memory?

    Very Thanks

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    Re: CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE less than spec

    Might be an adressing problem you can not come over. can you get 3g with cuda? or is it the same there? maybe opencl 1.1 is sthe problem.

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    Yes, with cuda i have 3G.

    My problems is that i have to work with OpenCL for execute in multiple devices in same time.

    Thanks for your answer.

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