Hi Everyone,

As you see in the title I need to Pause/Play a video played with Hello_Video on a Raspberry Pi, editing the "Video.c" file
(basically the video should play when there is the input from a PIR sensor, and PAUSE when there is no people in front...but the sensor is not the problem)

I've tried different tricks to pause the video:
- using a looped FSEEK, but the effects is full of compression artifacts.
- using DELAY, but, when the

So now I think I've to deal with the Video Player Core...
I want to tell the clock to stop/start (xScale = 0 to pause, xScale = 1<<16 to play) .

I think I need to use something like this... OMXPause/OMXResume here:

I need to implement it in the Video.c file and honestly, I'm very confuse how to do it.
(I admit I'm quite a newbie...)

Thanks a lot for help.