I'm developing a demonstration system which takes raw pixel data from largeish images (800x800 typically) and currently pumps them via TCP/IP to a hand-held viewer. I'm using a Raspberry Pi as the renderer in the viewer. This is currently in development and works fineish using the 100Mb Raspberry Pi Ethernet port but unsurprisingly is pretty useless over WiFi. Ideally the viewer should be completely disconnected from the image generation source so I'd like to pursue the WiFi route.

From what I've read I understand that the Raspberry Pi hardware will directly handle image data encoded into a format suitable for use by the OpenMax libraries. My image generation system is Windows-only and I have access to the raw images on each frame. Is it possible to encode in Windows 7 each of these images into whatever stream is required by the Raspberry Pi for transfer over TCP/UDP? Would I require an OpenMax encoder? Or could I use something like VLC to do the work for me?

I imagine any questions I have about decoding on the Pi will probably be answered by trawling the web.