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Thread: Command queue synchroniztion

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    Command queue synchroniztion

    I'm using OpenCL with APP SDK. I have n command queues and m stages. All queues should be in the same stage at the same time. Therefore i need some sort of queue synchronisation between the stages. First, i tried this:
    Code :
    void sync_queues(cl_command_queue *queues, int queue_count) {
      int k;
      for(k = 0; k < queue_count; k++) {
    This works. See the application trace (h**p://, created with CodeXL. But I prefer a version without main thread blocking. So i tried using events:
    Code :
    void sync_queues(cl_command_queue *queues, int queue_count) {
      int k;
      cl_event event_a, event_b; 
      if(queue_count < 2) {
      clEnqueueMarkerWithWaitList(queues[0], 0, 0, &event_a);
      for(k = 1; k < queue_count; k++) {
        clEnqueueMarkerWithWaitList(queues[k], 1, &event_a, &event_b);
        event_a = event_b;
      clEnqueueMarkerWithWaitList(queues[0], 1, &event_a, 0);
    This works too, but after the first call the queues behave in a stange fashion. There aren't working in parallel. You can see my problem in the application trace (h**p://
    So, what I am doing wrong? Are there a better way to synchronize queues?

    PS: Why can't i post URLs...?
    edit: ok, second code won't work with with every n, but should work with n=2
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