Hi Everyone,

I am having a brutal time trying to compile the cl_khr_icd extension.
I have the latest CMake installed (, and using VC++ 2010.

I have copied the CL includes folder from the most recent NVidia CUDA SDK in to the "inc" folder.
(This wasn't mentioned in the README file, by the way, I had to dig around to find this out.)

Running the "build_using_cmake.bat" works, until it tries to get nmake to compile the first binary.
I get a "CL/cl.h" not found error.

I modified the CMakeLists.txt file, changing "include_directories (./inc)" to "include_directories (inc)".
This fixed the "CL/cl.h" problem, but then i get a new include error: "stddef.h" not found.

The Windows build is broken.
How is this supposed to work?