Hi everyone,

When calling clGetPlatformIDs in my application I get a very strange error code. I get (-64) which is not even a valid return code as defined in cl.h (it stops at -63!).

To be sure it wasn't an error in my code, I tried a OpenCL sample from Nvidia's website (oclSimpleD3D10Texture) and I get the exact same error:

D:\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\OpenCL\bin\win64\Debug\oclSimpleD3D10Texture.e xe Starting...

Error -64 in clGetPlatformIDs Call !!!

!!! Error # -1000 (Unspecified Error) at line 423 , in file .\oclSimpleD3D10Texture.cpp !!!

Anybody knows what could be the meaning of that error code? I tried googling for it but it seems no one has ever had this error ever...

BTW, I have an NVidia GTX 460.