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Thread: OpenCL-Z and OpenCL Mandelbrot

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    I made two tools built on the JOCL java opencl wrapper.

    The first app is called opencl-z. it detects all of the installed opencl platforms and devices, and prints information about them. Since it is written in java, the tool can be used on all opencl capable platforms (tested on windows7,8, linux mint). It is also capable of rendering a part of the mandelbrot set, using only opencl 1.0 level capabilities, with no extensions. This tool can be useful, to test if the opencl devices were installed correctly, and to check if they are functional.


    The second one is a mandelbrot viewer. The app is capable of rendering a mandelbrot set, with up to 3600 iterations. It can use multiple devices of a platform for the calculation. If the devices support 64 bit floats (doubles), then the app can make use of it to allow deeper zoom-ins. The GL Sharing option is not yet implemented .


    Note: The apps will not run, if there are no installed opencl devices.

    Have fun!
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