Hi all,

I cannot use OpenCL......I can compile my code with linking errors......

I have copied libOpenCL.so from my mobile (Android) to my PC folders:

C:\android-ndk\platforms\android-X\arch-arm\usr\lib, X = 18, 14, 9, 8, 5, 4, and 3

In Android.mk

If I use LOCAL_LDLIBS += -lOpenCL, it will say

non-system libraries in linker flags: -lOpenCL
Android NDK: This is likely to result in incorrect builds. Try using LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES
Android NDK: or LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES instead to list the library dependencies of the
Android NDK: current module

And, it will CRASH in the run time!!!

If I link it by LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES += libOpenCL, it will cause errors like "undefined reference to `clGetPlatformIDs'."

Does anyone can help me???? How to use OpenCL? Your help would be greatly appreciated.