I am trying to understand the flow of audio/video in openmax al.I have the following doubts.

1.According to my understanding the audio/video flow goes like:

From the android application the mpeg2 stream goes to openmax al which gives it to soc where the stream is given to demux.Then video stream goes to decoding,then preprocessing,then it is rendered to surface/surface texture for display.Audio stream after demuxing-->decoing goes to audio output device.

1.what kind of effects/processing openmax al applies on mpeg2 transport stream.
2.how opensl is different from openmax al audio. at
3.It renders the stream to demuxer-->through audiosink,videosink(little confused here).
if it directly gives to audiosink/videosink where it is demuxed and decoded.
4.what is the input module in openmax al i.e where it received mpeg2ts and gives it for processing.