Some of you might know the glCapsViewer OpenGL hardware capability database I've set up roughly two years ago. The intention was an online database where OpenGL developers would be able to quickly check OpenGL capabilities (extensions, limits, etc.) of different OpenGL implementations, providing a free tool (the glCapsViewer) to upload hardware reports. With now more than 400 reports online and lots of visits each day it looks like lots of developres are using that database as a developemtn aid.

So over the recent weeks I started to create a similiar (and free) database for OpenGL ES. But contrary to the OpenGL database I want to fecht some feedback in advance, before putting everything (mainly the app) online (and thus avoiding some of the mistakes I made with the OpenGL database).

You can check out an early version of the online database over here : h**p:// (please replace h**p with http, the forum wont' allow adding URLs). It's still in a very early stage, but the basic functionality is there. Aside from the visual stuff, features like comparing reports and stastics pages will be added in the future, but the early version allows you to take a look at what I'm trying to achieve.

One of the main goals was to add interesting stuff not directly OpenGL ES - related, so you'll also get a list of sensors and features for each device. As the database will (hopefully) be also used by game developers, the sensors might come in handy. It'll support OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0 (and future versions once they become available), ES 1.0 might be added if requested.

So feel free to browse through (the yet very limited) early database and put up your feedback. It's still time to influence the final version of this database

Please note that currently only android is supported (though the database is designed in a way that would easily allow to add other OpenGL ES platforms), and that eh Android App is not yet available. As with glCapsViewer, the Android app will be free, but before releasing it to the public, I'd like to check out and incorporate your feedback first to make this a valuable ressource right from the start.