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Thread: fatal: si_isa_DS_WRITE_B32_impl: invalid address

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    fatal: si_isa_DS_WRITE_B32_impl: invalid address

    hi, everybody,

    I'm doing Matrix Multiplication with OPENCL,
    I split the multiplication into some work groups,
    then i add them into global memory.

    the code below is the final step that sum the sub result to final result
    for(k=0 ; k<group_num ; ++k)

    region = (group_id+k)%group_num;
    c_mat[(8*region+0)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+0)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+1)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+1)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+2)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+2)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+3)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+3)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+4)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+4)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+5)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+5)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+6)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+6)*matrix_size+l];
    c_mat[(8*region+7)*matrix_size+l] += local_output_matrix[(8*region+7)*matrix_size+l];

    when the size is 64, this code worked,
    but when size increased to 128,
    the kernel failed and sent the message: fatal: si_isa_DS_WRITE_B32_impl: invalid address.

    but if i write

    c_mat[(8*region+0)*matrix_size+l] += const ; or

    temp += local_output_matrix[(8*region+7)*matrix_size+l];

    the kernel worked, but the answer is wrong obviously.

    So do any body had met this fatal error code?

    thanks for your help

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    Without seeing the code I can only guess, but it sounds like you are going over the amount of private or shared memory.

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