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Thread: question regarding new gpu computing sdk and opencl

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    question regarding new gpu computing sdk and opencl

    hello friends
    i have NVIDIA gt 630M graphics card and i am using opencl on visual studio 2010
    i am using gpu computing sdk 4.2 it is working fine but when i want to use tesla c 2075 with opencl,i downloaded cuda 5 sdk which is downloaded and installed but it doesnt contain opencl folder which is used in cuda 4.2 sdk ,so how can configure or i set the path in visual studio 2010 for opencl since there is no opencl folder in cuda 5 sdk

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    nobody has the answer that how to configure cuda 5.5 toolkit to visual studio 2010 for opencl?

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    An OpenCL tookit or SDK is just header files; your executable can use any OpenCL compliant driver once built.

    Therefore you could use the headers that were in CUDA 4.2 or you could AMD or Intel's SDK to get the headers. Or download the headers from the Khronos website you are on right now.

    Note: Be careful using OpenCL 1.2 headers if you're going to run on NVIDIA drivers which are only OpenCL 1.0 or 1.1 (depending on device). You might want to download and use the OpenCL 1.1 headers to avoid this problem.

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    ok but now if i am using cuda 5.5 toolkit and want to run opencl program what path in visual studio 2010 should set and what opencl specification which i should use on GPU tesla c 2075 and from where i can download it.

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