Hi everyone,

I'm an art student and I recently made a project in WebGL, using shaders and a program I've grabbed on the web (under free license of course). I was able to slightly modify the javaScript part and introduce a video texture to apply the shaders on it, and then displaying on the screen. Apparently I can't post the link to the project, but I guess you can figure it out...

The "problem" is, people called me to participate to an art festival and I'm afraid the WebGL-compiling-in-the-browser-with-JS is kinda insane for a 10 hours-long management with 2-channel sound outputs and sensor inputs, witch are necessary to the installation-form of the work. I guessed it would be better with MAX/MSP or PureData, but the adaptation of the javascript core program seems to be really hardcore. So I've talked about this issue with my previous teacher, that recommended me to use openFrameworks because it was linear coding (personally I really prefer it) and so, closer of the original code and quite close of Processing and Arduino programming, that I manage correctly.

But I don't really know witch OpenGL functions I have to use with C++, if they are really close of the ones already built in javaScript or not. Fortunately, my project doesn't use treejs. I've seen that a compiler from OpenGL C++ to WebGL does exist, but I didn't found anything about the reverse operation.