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Thread: Hello From An OpenCL Committee Member!

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    Smile Hello From An OpenCL Committee Member!

    Hello OpenCL forum!

    My name is AJ Guillon, and I recently joined Khronos and the OpenCL standards committee. I wanted to announce to the forum that I will try to actively monitor discussions here, and forward relevant feedback to the committee. I don't have the time to read every thread in detail, so if you feel that an important issue has come up and I haven't seen it, feel free to contact me directly with a link to the discussion. The discussions that happen here are important, and do influence the future of hetergeneous computing.

    Good luck with your OpenCL projects!

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    Congratulations AJ!

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    Thanks AJ. I've enjoyed your training videos.

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    Thanks and congratulations!

    I hope this will help to increase the activity here on this forum.

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