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Thread: Suggestions for next version of OpenGL ES

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    Bring out an OpenGL ES 4

    Please do bring out an OpenGL ES 4.
    With only DSA functions, without non DSA functions.
    Direct State Access is a big difference, change main version number from 3 to 4.
    Create OpenGl ES 4.0
    For application developers who want to use new functionality with non DSA functions, bring out an OpenGL ES 3.2 release with other performance enhancing functionality.

    With for OpenGL ES 4 and if there will be OpenGL ES 3.2 context creation options in the next version of OpenGL 4.x.

    This will allow to write better, shorter, less bloated, less error prone code that interfaces simpler and easier with middleware.

    Add the following from OpenGL 4.5:
    +Direct State Access (DSA) : object accessors enable state to be queried and modified without binding objects to contexts, for increased application and middleware efficiency and flexibility;

    + Robustness : providing a secure platform for applications such as WebGL browsers, including preventing a GPU reset affecting any other running applications;
    (Mobile devices such as tablets are starting to run multiple applications simultaneously.)

    + Flush Control : applications can control flushing of pending commands before context switching – enabling high-performance multithreaded applications;
    (Mobile devices are using quad core processors these days, more efficient, faster handling of commands is always a good improvement.)
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    Have OpenGL ES 4 only support and use bindless textures and DSA functions.

    Forms a good break with the major version number change (3 -> 4).

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    Break compatibility going from OpenGL ES 3.x to OpenGL ES 4, has also been allowed going from OpenGL ES 1.x to OpenGL ES 2.

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    Have context creation for OpenGL ES 4 and if created OpenGL ES 3.x too in OpenGL, similar to current OpenGL ES context creation in current OpenGL.

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    And keep the compute shaders capability up to date with OpenCL.
    With the newer OpenCL 2.0 release.

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    Providing something between now and when OpenGL NG comes out.
    Would be a nice thing. If next summer OpenGL NG isn't finished yet, you can release OpenGL ES 4 and OpenGL 4.6.

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    Don't integrate SPIR(OpenCL 2.0).
    Is not good feature to integrate with an OpenGL ES 4 release.
    Because OpenGL NG/newer would be a better fit for integrating this IR(intermediate representation) feature (SPIR, OpenCL IR)
    Add OpenCL 2.0 compute shaders without the SPIR(OpenCL) IR in OpenGL ES 4.

    Do specify SPIR (OpenCL 2.0) only for OpenGL NG/newer.
    This feature (SPIR) fits very well with the suggested IR representation feature of OpenGL NG.
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    And remove pre-ETC2/EAC texture compression formats/algorithms.
    Older algorithms should make place for technically more useful alternatives such as ETC2/EAC and newer.
    Good version number change to do this.

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    Be sure to keep things that improve performance.
    Such as the pieces mentioned in AZDO(Approaching Zero Driver Overhead):
    Features mentioned are GL_ARB_buffer_storage + Bindless / sparse textures + shared UBOs (uniform buffer object) + GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect.

    Be sure to keep the indirect drawing capabilities up to including but not limited to GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect from OpenGL 4.3.

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    In OpenGL ES use the OpenCL ES profile. Because ES profile.

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