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Thread: Maya Exporter sprintf buffer overrun

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    Maya Exporter sprintf buffer overrun


    DaeUtils.cpp is using sprintf to print to a new char array. This has caused Maya to crash in DAE_AddInput where the source param is larger than 128. It appears that the source data is bad and I believe it gets into this state because the dagPath is longer than 128 characters.

    I think firstly that we need to support dag paths much longer than 128 characters and secondly that we should never use sprintf but rather snprintf and throw a warning rather than have Maya crash.


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    Excellent observation

    Hello Stuart, and thank you for your posting.

    I've just been hired by Alias to improve the quality and reliability of the Maya plug-in. I will make sure that the next public beta of the Maya plug-in eliminates risky sprintf usage.

    Thanks again,

    Christian Laforte
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