Sony Computer Entertainment is sponsoring a Industrial Seminar at Eurographics 2005 in Dublin Ireland.
Industrial Seminars 3: COLLADA 1.4: Mastering next-generation 3D game assets

Sony Computer Entertainment
Thursday, September 1st, 2005. 08:30-10:30.
Beckett Rooms

COLLADA is an open source, collaboratively designed specification for representing, interchanging and processing next-generation 3D game assets using standard XML and off-the-shelf database tools. This talk will highlight the latest extensions to the format, COLLADA FX and COLLADA PHYSICS, show live demonstrations of the big DCC applications supporting these new features, show how using COLLADA as the basis for your production pipeline can simplify the problem of creating and processing the large models and datasets required by next-generation games and introduce the standardisation efforts of the COLLADA project. COLLADA and this talk has been created with the support of Softimage, Alias, Autodesk, NVidia, Agiea, Nokia, Sony, and many more vendors.
We hope to see you all there!