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Thread: Collada skeletal animation format

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    Collada skeletal animation format

    The current format of skeletal animation in Collada seems to be not very well defined.

    As it seems to me, fields BIND_POS_ARRAY, BIND_NORMAL_ARRAY, INV_BIND_MATRIX_ARRAY are excessive.

    It is enough to have

    a) normal and position arrays in mesh

    b). "bind pose" for skeleton ( the sequence of nodes with transformations).

    c). controllers for animation.

    Why the current decision has been justified? It operates with too many entities.

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    We understand your concerns and feel the same.

    For similar reasons that you state and a few others we have decided to change skinning for the COLLADA 1.4 release.

    It has been a sensitive subject that has undergone a lot of debate and discussion but I believe we have come to agree on a definition that all of us find acceptable.

    COLLADA 1.4 will be released in the near future. I am confident that you will find the new skinning definition less complicated and more suitable to everbody's needs.


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