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Thread: SKELETON with XSI 5

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    SKELETON with XSI 5

    I'm working under XSI 5.
    I need to export a mesh with its skeleton in the collada format ...
    so I do like I did with xsi 4.2, skeleton and mesh selection and I export ...
    but there isn't any skin library in the source code...
    so I retry with the 4.2 XSI version and it work fine ...
    is there something more to do with the 5 version to export the skeleton ?
    Please help me

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    Do you actually see any exported files with version 5? The reason I ask is that sometimes a faulty installation can lead to the COLLADA plugin to not work in XSI version 5.

    Let me know


    PS: sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday.
    Alexandre Jean Claude
    Team lead - Pipeline and Data Management

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